How we thank italy for the best cuisine in the world.

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Brand expression
We didn't want to let Prego! be an extra italian restaurant as we take italian cuisine very seriously. Prego! was thought as a unique experience and make it accessible to franchise candidates.

After analyzing the market and consumer expectations, we responded to the customer's need for authentic products, simple but high-quality dishes and great freshness, and especially the need for information about the products used and their producers.

Our mission was to emphasize the basics of Italian cuisine, the best products from the best Italian producers. A story for each of the products, a face for each of the producers. The Prego! concept was born.

In addition to the distinctive positioning, our challenge was to create a communication platform to start and maintain the relationship with potential and existing customers. And a common framework to tell and spread the specific stories for each of the ingredients of the dishes offered. The communication campaign has been developed with the theme of thanking the generosity of nature. Grazie!

The setup is simple, the purchasing manager and the chef travel to Italy every 3 months to bring back the most authentic products and the history of their production and producer. Every month, the result of their journey is communicated to potential and existing customers through social networks and an email campaign suggesting to come and taste their discoveries.

Since the goal is to make it accessible to franchise candidates, we modeled all the commercial parameters of the concept to improve it financially, facilitate its presentation to franchise candidates, the deployment of the activity and its control.

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