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We integrate strategy, design and innovation to help you stand out from the competition with a relevant positioning, a noticeable identity, an unifying culture and engaging customer experiences.

Our expertise


We see change as opportunity and the brand as the fundamental tool to make the most of it.

Christian Onselaere 

" We have been working with ROOTS for over 15 years. I worked with them mainly on two highlights of our company, initially to position ADB in the airfield market with the famous signature “ADB, AIRFIELD, OUR FIELD” and then during the merger with a major company to complete our offer to the market and which gave birth to ADB SAFEGATE. They first helped our company find a distinctive positioning in the global airport market and then defined the new brand identity. This marketing operation brought unquestionable value to our company. "

Tine Tondeur 
Marketing Manager — NAPOLEON SPORTS & CASINO

" Napoleon is the Belgian leader in online gaming. Faced with an increasingly restrictive legal framework in terms of communication in our sector, we called on the expertise of ROOTS to optimize the reach of our brand and cultivate its difference in a very competitive market. It is a very specialized job that they carried out from start to finish by integrating the various managers of the company. All of our communications today are based on their brand platform. "

Stéphanie Legay
Corporate Press & Communications Manager — SIEMENS

" We have collaborated with ROOTS to anchor SIEMENS’ image as a technological leader with our customers and B2B partners in Belgium and more particularly in the African markets. ROOTS has supported us and helped us develop concrete action plans, respecting the constraints and the SIEMENS brand image disseminated at group level. They helped us act more precisely with our customers and ensure commitment of our employees as brand ambassadors. "

Dominique Lamanna

" I wanted ROOTS  to help us position and define a common identity for our new restoration project linked to the Bulthaup Company, a leader in high-end kitchen furniture. What I particularly appreciate about them is that there are no standard proposals. They pay great attention to understanding the meaning of our project and our brand to express it in a unique and highly relevant way. I love the fact that they always listen and the splendid, creative proposals that flow from our briefs. That’s especially good, because in Italy, we love beautiful things... "

Jean Luc Devisscher 
Strategy, Marketing & Communications Manager — ADB SAFEGATE

" They first helped our company find a distinctive positioning in the global airport market and then defined the new brand identity. This operation brought unquestionable value to our company which was concretely reflected in the financial valuation of ADB SAFEGATE during transactions with new investors. In addition, we collaborate daily with ROOTS for all our offline, online, internal and external communication tools, each of which has its own characteristics and objectives. "