how to Mobilize an entire region around each store opening.

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Brand experience
Generate visitor traffic in each implementation of new stores on the Belgian and Dutch markets with unifying slogan: "Decathlon, the largest sports ground".

Make the opening of the store a pretext for promoting sport and sports clubs located in the catchment area.

The idea is to associate sports clubs in promoting sport in general and their discipline in particular with the inhabitants of the catchment area of the future store.

After having identified the sports activities in the region and gathered all the information useful for their promotion, we have designed a guide and a plan containing all the information useful for the practice of a sport in the region.

The information was exchanged with the inhabitants in the strategic points of the region in the form of a plan which at the same time located the "sport" points of the city but also the location of the Decathlon store.

Decathlon bike-taxi stations were set up on opening weekend so that customers can be brought into the store in a fun and friendly way. The photos from these events were put on Facebook, the best ones were rewarded.

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