How to deal with a restrictive legal framework on communication.

Napoleon sports & casino
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Brand expression
The legal framework relating to Napoleon’s activities is becoming increasingly restrictive, as is the case in the tobacco and alcohol sectors. It establishes more constraints that limite the visibility and communication capacities of Napoleon and its competitors about their products.

In this context, we had to return to the fundamentals of the brand:

- strengthen its codes, make them highly distinctive and recognizable, to anchor Napoleon as a strong brand and therefore reduce its vulnerability to external changes, particularly in terms of legislation.

- build Napoleon's brand platform, an internal management tool to structure thinking, guide actions relating to the brand and ensure consistency in communication.

It was not a question of creating a new identity but of giving meaning to the existing elements. Giving meaning brings value.

The company has now a common thread to follow, which ensures a certain coherence and above all facilitates its communication, externally and internally, while asserting its uniqueness. The Napoleon brand is now armed to be able to communicate effectively in an increasingly restrictive legal environment.

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