How to create value from a low R.O.I product.

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Brand strategy
Our challenge was to encourage opticians to increase contact lens sales volume, although R.O.I. is higher when selling glasses frames.

After organizing a survey of 30 opticians and analyzing the results, we have identified the main problem: opticians prefer to invest their time in advising frames rather than suggesting contact lenses. The ROI is higher when selling glasses.

We have therefore proposed to change the commercial reference system. That is, going from a business transaction to a business relationship. Instead of selling a box of contact lenses, the optician can offer 12 lenses in one sale thanks to a centralized relationship program.

The program "Contact Lens For Life" has been created. Consumers get their contact lenses and a list of 10 value-added services to strengthen this contract every month by participating in the program: Breakage insurance, additional warranty, payment spread, priority testing of new products, etc.

The optician has a full marketing arsenal available, without having to arrange anything himself. He can warn his customers that it is time to change lenses, submit new offers and present new products.

In addition to the loyalty program, we have created our own "Xpert Center" identity for each of the opticians participating in the operation. This "soft franchise" helped stimulate and motivate the optician to sell contact lenses and differentiate himself from his market competitors.


- An average of 400 additional customers per participating store with a 12-months lens contract.

- 100 participating opticians in the first year.

- 37,000 12-months lens contracts sold.

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