Brand strategy

The brand strategy is the basis for building the ecosystem of a strong brand. Its role is to ensure the relevance of your promise and the actions that accomplish it with your audience. It therefore requires in-depth knowledge of your business, your customers and their expectations, but also of your competitors, in order to position yourself sustainably and effectively in your market.

Combining strategic rigor with creative thinking, everything we do is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients' businesses today and the possibilities of tomorrow. With a commitment to achieving measurable and lasting results, we translate the vision into reality with bold ideas that work.

Brand research, measurements and analysis
Communication and content strategy
Brand strategy, purpose and positioning
Brand and portfolio architecture

Brand expression

BECOME REMARKABLE Your brand identity, both in design and in verbal expression, ensures that your brand is memorable and remarkable in your market. It is the language you need to connect with your customers as well as with your employees and partners. This is why we see the expression of the brand as a vector of transformation, from strategic reason to creative emotion.

With our team of talented designers and copywriters, we are continually seeking to shape the way people emotionally connect with brands, helping them see the world today as close to the one they aspire to.

Visual identity
Branding of spaces
Verbal identity and messaging
Sound, motion and sensory identity

Brand culture

FEDERATE EMPLOYEES AND PARTNERS The success of any entrepreneurial mission in general, and of brand marketing in particular, depends largely on an organization's ability to integrate the brand into its own culture to gain the understanding and acceptance of its internal resources regarding the route to follow. Brand culture is the unifying element of your ecosystem.

It is therefore fundamental to place all stakeholders, from employees to partners, at the heart of the brand strategy so that they can be the most powerful relays in the field to customers.

Culture, employee value proposition and experience
Organizational excellence initiatives
Internal communication campaigns
Stakeholders alignment

Brand experience

ENGAGE CUSTOMERS Today's brands are not only built on what they say, but more importantly what they do and what they make possible for their customers. It is not enough to promise but to keep promises; or even exceed them. This is how a strong brand engages its customers consistently.  

We help our clients make their clients better, by turning innovative ideas into captivating and engaging experiences. We design bold, forward-looking customer solutions that anticipate needs rather than meet them.

Launch and activation
Digital brand experience
Corporate campaigns
Signature moments
Customer journey mapping

brand management

ENSURE THE CONSISTENCY AND RESPECT OF YOUR EVERYDAY BRAND ECOSYSTEM To keep your brand relevant and successful, you need to manage it with care. It is indeed essential to define a relevant strategy, express it visually and verbally in a remarkable way and deliver engaging experiences to the customer with support of your internal resources. But brands, like companies, evolve and it is therefore essential to ensure that elements of the brand ecosystem remain synchronous, consistent and known to all, especially employees, despite the evolutions or changes. We thus help our clients integrate tools that will make the daily management of their brand easier, more efficient and more effective.

Digital asset management
Brand trainings & workshops
Brand portal
Implementation strategy
Brand guidelines