how to Set up a B2B2C communication platform to bring value to your market.

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Brand strategy
Set up a B2B2C communication platform to help opticians in the sale of Varilux progressive lenses on the senior market.

After an analysis of the market and consumer expectations for progressive lenses, we identified a brake on the level of financial investment compared to the unsecured result of the product offered.

Indeed, the financial investment is important to the patient, hence the importance of promoting both the purchase and the expertise of the optician in presbyopia and progressive lenses, but above all to guarantee a perfect adaptation or an integral refund to lift the brake.

We have therefore created and developed a new “Varilux Center” business concept from A to Z by consolidating the expertise of opticians through training and value-added services related to the purchase of presbyopes lenses.

"Proof by Nine", nine services to enhance and guarantee long-term purchases.

Mobilization and promotion of independent opticians around a new business concept and implementation of centralized and turnkey marketing tools for opticians.


From the first presentation, 100 opticians have contracted a soft franchise.

700,000 € marketing revenue paid by opticians to have the right to use the concept

17% more sales of Varilux lenses while keeping the margin intact

Number 1 in progressive lenses in Belgium.

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