How we built the largest sports club.

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Brand experience
The Decathlon customer card became their key relationship marketing tool for recruiting and retaining customers and increasing the frequency of customer purchases. The electronic conversion of check logistics was indeed a great opportunity to build and integrate the interactions between Decathlon and each of its customers.

Initially, following the analysis of data and customer insight, we proposed a system for analyzing the elasticity of demand depending on the services offered and to be offered. In other words, a system that makes it easy to test the value of the services to be offered by segment and their impact on the increase in frequency and volume of purchases.

This system makes it possible to rationally prioritize the service proposal in the program.

At the communication level, we recommended to build a separate identity for the loyalty program without breaking with the codes of Decathlon. A differentiating and rewarding identity which aims to materialize the actions and services of the relationship program.

A differentiating identity. Due to the very definition of the loyalty program and its positioning, it is important to build a differentiating identity for the program in order to distinguish the specific offer of the program from the mass communication disseminated by Decathlon to promote its products, its prices and promotions.

A rewarding identity. The program has a rewarding power because by definition it rewards loyal customers and privileges them by offering them, through its program, exclusive and value-added services. It is therefore all the more important to distinguish communications and make them personal and rewarding.

A materializing identity. The identity of the program must allow the materialization of the program.

It must make it possible to codify and unify the different services offered which will come from different universes therefore to make the general offer coherent with member customers and to give the perception of a constant level of quality.

We proposed a unique positioning and a unifying claim: "The Decathlon Card, the largest sports club".

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