Sky is not the limit (of brand identity).

ADB Safegate
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Brand expression
We had to create a new brand identity that calls out ADB SAFEGATE’s credentials as the world’s most innovative force in airport performance.

The brand identity is spearheaded by a logo featuring four interlocking wing shapes that mirror a typical airport hub layout and symbolize ADB SAFEGATE’s four areas of expertise – airfield, gate and tower, supported by professional services. The logo’s colors are carefully chosen, with petrol blue representing safety, efficiency and trust, complemented by shades of orange to indicate an innovative approach and focus on Airport Performance.

“ADB SAFEGATE unifies all personnel, customers and businesses under a common banner to create a highly customer-focused organization based on the best of all the companies. Our new brand signals an important milestone for ADB SAFEGATE. It gives us a fresh image that shows how we have transformed since our merger six months ago. It lets us stand out as a company that can deliver solutions tailored to the needs of airports as they face the difficult challenges posed by rapidly growing demand and increasing competitive and regulatory pressures.” Christian Onselaere, CEO.

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